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My industry experience has specialised in web development, systems integration and systems administration. Having qualified with a B.Sc. in Computer Science in 2006 I have worked as a front-end and back-end developer, tutored and trained staff, and installed and maintained server infrastructure for clients globally from Australia and Singapore.

My primary expertise in front-end development comes from building and integrating numerous interfaces for government departments and multinational organisations under a broad range of technologies and technical environments.

As an original Canberra employee and an early member of the Singapore Reading Room offices I have had considerable experience in setting up and provisioning architecture and in helping recruit and build highly successful award winning development teams.

More recently I've focused my time working with international open source project teams and remotely consulting for a handful of agencies in Australia.


Sole Trader

Andrij Stachurski, Remote 2014 – Present

I am fortunate to have built my business via referals and word of mouth. This initially began from a single project with a local client in Sydney and today spans a global client base, including project teams, organisations and government agencies across the US, Europe and Asia.

I provide a highly efficient, quality and timely service which has worked well in fostering the strong relationships I hold with my clients.

With my interest in technology, and extensive experience within the web industry, I provide everything from application design through to cloud architecture recommendations and provisioning.

Front-end Web Developer

Ionata Digital, Hobart 2020

Lead Web Developer

QuantEcon, Contract 2016 – Present

QuantEcon is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving economic modelling by developing simple open source tools for economists. The project includes several highly successful lecture series for economists and data scientists. Collaborating with the Jupyter team at Berkley, QuantEcon is designing software that aims to be the standard way for scientists to write lecture series and books that include computer code.

  • Maintain digital infrastructure on AWS and GitHub
  • Ensuring 100% uptime and tracking for sites with 50,000 unique visitors per month
  • Developing UI tools to improve visitor user experience
  • Front-end and web development related tasks across QuantEcon's growing collection of sites

Lead Web Developer

John Hopkins Department of Economics, Contract 2018 – Present

The Econ-ARK project, sponsored by NumFocus and a grant recipient from the Sloan foundation, provides open-source toolkits for researchers trying to understand how economic and social outcomes result from the actions of heterogeneous individuals.

  • Collaborate remotely with economists, project managers and developers to promote and improve the accessibility of the project and its open-source toolkits
  • Provide consulting for solutions on digital infrastructure, hosting, running Jupyter Notebooks and web presence
  • Design and build a repository for centralising metadata and information on project materials

UX Designer

Valorum Data, Contract 2019

Valorum Data is working on a retail pricing performance system and hired me to develop the interface for the software MVP.

  • Conference calls with stakeholders and potential clients, gathering requirements, developing an information architecture and mapping all user flows
  • Design and build a high-fidelity prototype, including visual, user interface, and user experience design

Full-stack Web Developer

Institute for Monetary and Financial Stability (IMFS), Contract 2017 – 2018

I was contracted by the IMFS centre at the Goethe University, Frankfurt, to build a new web presence with easy authoring for the Macroeconomic Model Data Base.

  • Design and build a new user-friendly site for the MMB project
  • Integrate build with Bolt CMS for easy content authoring
  • UX Design and a front-end for an Online Comparison Platform (OCP) used to filter, search and conveniently compare economic models in interactive graph formats

Full-stack Web Developer

Designate Group, Freelance 2018 — Present

Allens Linklaters, Freelance 2017 — Present

360 Capital Group, Freelance 2017 – 2018

Minter Ellison, Freelance 2015 – 2016

I have worked collaboratively with MinterEllison's in-house design team, IT team and third-party design agencies on several web projects since 2015.

  • Designed, built and deployed interactive corporate web sites.
  • Advised IT team members on staging and production web server configurations.

ANU College of Business and Economics, Canberra 2014 – 2016

I was contracted to develop a brand and online presence for an open source library funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. The resulting websites provide information to help new users get started and resources encouraging developers join the team and contribute to the library.

  • Designed, built and incorporated front end interfaces with Sphinx and custom Python post processing to generate static HTML lecture material
  • Consolidated multiple hosting environments and domain registrations onto Amazon Web Services
  • Configured Postfix for domain email forwarding and AWStats monitoring on AWS EC2
  • Deployed multiple sites onto S3 and Elastic Beanstalk with CloudFront global distribution caching
  • Setup GitHub organisation, repositories and team hierarchies

Implementations Specialist

Squiz, Canberra 2015

  • Implementing websites using Squiz Matrix Content Management System
  • Integrating Squiz Matrix with data/content from other repositories using external web APIs (REST and SOAP) and exchange standards (XML, XSLT etc.)
  • On-site client training for content authoring and navigating Squiz Matrix CMS
  • Training staff on CMS development best practices in Canberra and Melbourne

Head of Systems Administration

Reading Room, Singapore 2014

In 2012 Reading Room invited me to relocate to the recently opened Singapore office to take command of sysadmin tasks, developing the core infrastructure for the new SEA office. Rapid success saw the office grow to 60 staff by 2014 and attention was required for the role. The role additionally involved collaborating with UK and Australian sysadmin teams and working as part of the global 24/7 support team.

  • Responsible for hardware and software across agency and client staging/production web servers
    • Installed rack servers and component parts in data centres
    • Configured Apache (CentOS, Debian) and IIS (Windows 2003+) webservers
    • Managed MySQL, MSSQL and Oracle databases
    • Deployed PHP, .NET and Java environments
    • Configured virtual machine servers (Hyper V & ESXi)
    • Monitored servers (Nagios) including 24/7 support
    • Performed and analysed load tests
    • Configured analytics (AwStats, Google Analytics)
    • Managed DNS, domain registrations and transfers, and SSL
    • Kept OS and CMS up to date with security updates and patches
    • Deployed applications onto AWS (EC2 & EBS, S3, VPC, Route 53, Cloudfront)
    • Monitored and managed response to 2013 Singapore cyberattacks
  • Maintained administration & development environments
    • Administered Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory
    • Managed file servers, web development and staging servers, and their connectivity
    • Upskilled staff to use version control (Git & SVN)
    • Maintained offsite backups of critical data (Retrospect)
    • Performed network security and performance maintenance (LAN, WAN, VPN, DMZ)
  • Provided client & staff hardware/software support
    • Provided new starter initiation and training
    • Performed software audits (OS, Adobe CC, Office 365, MSDN)
    • Installed OS, drivers, software on domain controllers, desktop computers and servers
    • Configured desktop machines (Windows, Mac OS), monitors, peripherals, components and adapters

Senior User Experience (UX) Developer

Reading Room, Singapore 2012 – 2014

  • Hand coded semantic, clean and well organised code producing usability focused, highly accessible, highly optimised, web applications
  • Built customised technology-specific front ends and user experience around enterprise, open source and bespoke CMS applications (WordPress, Sitecore, Drupal, Adobe CQ5)
  • Produced responsive, adaptive and mobile-first front ends
  • Developed highly optimised, interactive, client-side AJAX mobile applications
  • Employed various techniques to improve client-side loading times (DNS prefetching through to optimising scripting, rendering and painting of DOM)
  • Guided development teams using automation and workflow (Grunt), CSS pre-processing (SASS), frameworks (Boilerplate, Bootstrap) and module loading (RequireJS)
  • Communicated with designers to mitigate tech limitations, identify performance trade offs and create the best user experience
  • Worked with back-end developers adjusting front end within confines of the spec or developing new functionality to create an optimal user experience
  • Developed innovative and creative technical solutions for clients
  • Involved in project strategy from proposal stage through to completion
  • Lead project scoping and guided optimal use of technologies
  • Produce design guidelines, technical specifications, and functional specification
  • Troubleshot and resolved technical problems on front end, back end, network, web server and other levels
  • Performed load testing, accessibility testing, and manual reviews of code and web page components
  • Involved in interviewing and recruiting the best suited and highly skilled employees
  • Trained and supervised new staff and advised best practices to staff & clients
  • Acted as point of contact for internal and client technical queries

Lead Interface Developer

Reading Room, Canberra 2008 – 2012

  • Front-end web development incorporating latest design standards & best practices
  • Hand-coded semantic, clean and well organised code including measuring, optimising and improving performance
  • Extended knowledge of browser compatibility testing methods
  • Lead adoption and skills mentoring of relevant new technologies
  • Developed front-end CMS integrations including WordPress, Sitecore, Tridion, Immediacy, Drupal, Umbraco, SharePoint
  • Integrated and developed upon popular web APIs
  • Performed web content accessibility testing and audits (WCAG Compliance)
  • Responsive & adaptive development, mobile-first UI design
  • Developed and published multi-platform mobile applications (iOS, Android, BB, Windows)
  • Web (Apache & IIS) and DB server installation, troubleshooting & monitoring (Nagios)
  • Site connectivity configuration of ADSL, ISDN, VPN, Cisco routers
  • Data centre installations and deployments
  • On-site client installations, training, workshops

Technical Developer

Reading Room, Canberra 2007 – 2008

Demonstrating a strong technical understanding, and aptitude for front-end development, I was sent to the London office for a month to learn business processes, train in the latest software and technologies and to learn from the brightest minds in the company. As an original staff member I was able to use this knowledge to help build a successful foundation for the Canberra office.

  • Front end, back end, web development from bespoke to enterprise projects
  • Infrastructure, hardware & software management

Electoral Officer

Australian Parliament House, Canberra 2006

  • Dealt with public and handled constituents’ enquiries
  • Produced electoral boundary and statistical maps
  • Designed and developed senator and parliamentary websites

Academic Qualifications

B.Sc. Degree in Science (Computer Science)

Australian National University, 2006

Higher School Certificate

Canberra Grammar School, 2001

Industry Training

  • Max Design CSS & Accessibility Workshop, Canberra
  • Sitecore OMS training, Sydney
  • AWS Essentials, Singapore
  • Systems Operations on AWS, Singapore
  • Squiz Matrix MATR-210 (Packages), MATR-201 (System Administration), MATR-330 (Designs), MATR-101 (Fundamentals), EPM-101 (Edit+)

Volunteering / Community

Table Tennis Penant Competition, Canberra, 2021 — Present

Table Tennis ACT

"Sokoly" Ukrainian Mens Choir, Canberra, 2021 — Present

English Language Teacher, 2020

GoCamp Volunteering Programme

  • Remotely participating as a teacher in an English language summer school program for Ukrainian children in Brovary, Ukraine
  • Teaching, running activities and games in large (over 600+) and small groups of children over Zoom.

Animal Care Assistant, 2019 — 2020

Ten Lives

  • Caring for and looking after the welfare of animals at the Ten Lives animal shelter

English Language Teacher, 2019

GoCamp Volunteering Programme

  • Running an English language summer school curriculum for Ukrainian children in Kolomiya, Ukraine in 2019
  • Teaching, running activities and games to engage children in topics such as ecology, environment and community

Senior Scout Leader, 2004 – 2015

Plast Ukrainian Scouting Organization of Australia

  • Lead fortnightly meetings of Cub Scouts "Novaky" (children between 6 and 11 years)
    2004-2012, Canberra
  • Senior Jamboree Leader responsible for 30+ Cub Scouts
    • 2005 Melbourne
    • 2006 Adelaide
    • 2012 Canberra
    • 2015 Mt Hotham


Camping, cats, electronics, guitars, sailing, squash, tech house, woodworking

Computer networks, system architecture, web development


  • English
  • Ukrainian

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